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Health Links
(Disclaimer:  We are not Veterinarians and not all sites below are by Vets. We are providing links to sites
we’ve found useful over the years, but we can’t assure the accuracy of all of these links.
Contact your Vet to be sure.)

FYI: If your goat isn’t well, start by taking his or her temperature.  
(A goat's normal temperature is 102 F to 103 degrees F.)

Jack Mauldin’s Goat Disease

Drugs used in the Goat Industry - from

The Medicine Chest - First Aid Kit - from

The Biology of the Goat - A great place to start learning, articles about reproduction, parasites etc.

FiasCo Farms - Care, Health & Husbandry, Site Map on the right, list of health issues/solutions

Langston University - Free, on-line meat goat training modules

University of Maryland Small Ruminant

Creep Feeding Kids- from Cornell University

Cornell University‘s Resources: A Resource Guide for Managing Lambing and Kidding

Bar None’s Goat Info Page - Info on raising/showing wethers & health issues

Parasites in Goats - Notes by Donald H. Bliss, Ph.D
Contact Dr. Bliss to arrange free fecal sample tests.

DeWormer Chart

American Consortium for Small Ruminant Parasite Control - A great resource for the latest research

Meat Goat Mania by Suzanne Gasparotto - Informative health articles

Health & Management Articles - Tennessee Meat Goats (bottom of page)

Goat Diseases, & Goat Med Doses by Dr. Curt Vlietstra, Pipestone Vet

Goat Herd Health Document by Joni Scheftel - Info on vaccinations etc.

Goat Link - Great source for treatments and other general info

Body Score Index - Figure your goats’ BSI from Langston Univ.

Plants Poisonous to Livestock and Toxic Plants and the Common Caprine

Drug Withdrawal Time - Useful Goat Medications/withdraw times info

Univ. of Kentucky Info - Sheep Research & Education

Minerals in Soil - Excellent map to see what your county’s mineral levels are

Kentucky State Univ. Newsletter: Nutritional Value of Hay (p. 3) and Affects of Worms (p. 5)